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Open Source Maths Software

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    Dear Friends,

    Do some one know whether there is some open source Mathematics software available like Mathematica/Maple or Matlab.
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    Dr Transport

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    Octave is a Matlab clone for Linux......
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    Octave and Maxima are two of the best.

    - Warren
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    sagemath is supposed to be a replacement for mathematica
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    Thanks my friends for your help.
    I will try these softwares now! I am not sure if it is possible to understand the source code for learning algorithms implemented.
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    I'm going to echo what he said, at least for the applications I use it for.

    I used to add MuPAD Light, but the corporate suits took over and yanked the free version.
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    I use python with matplotlib and scipy...

    http://www.scipy.org/" [Broken]
    http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/" [Broken]
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