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Open Source Solaris

  1. Sep 14, 2004 #1


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    I don't know what Sun is thinking but they have decided to open source solaris:


    What I'm wondering is how they are going to get through all the legal issues involving UNIX(tm).
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    This will finally give x86 Solaris a chance.

    I don't know of any possible legal issues that might arise. I don't think Sun claims that Solaris is UNIX. In fact, the Linux kernel has many features that allow AT&T SVR4 binary compability. Linux, unlike BSD's, also has a very System 5ish-like features (init.d and such). You don't see anybody suing (except SCO) the Linux developers (not that a centralized orgainzation to sue exists, anyways). I remember reading somewhere that SGI owned the UNIX trademark for awhile, I imagine OG owns it now.

    Open sourcing a real UNIX, shouldn't be an issue. Solaris is just complying with all the standards, POSIX, XPG3, which aren't propiertary. If Solaris does contain some private code, from AT&T for example, they'll have plenty of time to weed it out before they release "Open Source Solaris."

    Solaris is starting to look *very* promising (for x86, at least).
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