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Schools Open Style University

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    Are there any other open style universities within the US?
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    What's a open style university?
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    Open/distance learning maybe?
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    Sorry, I failed to describe what data I want correctly. I am curious if any universities in the US are similar to Open University from the UK.
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    The Open University allows you to complete a degree via distance learning. There are a number of courses in each subject, and you must complete a certain number of courses to gain your degree. (And if you want an honours degree, you must attend a certain number of 'residential weeks', where you spend a week in the labs of a brick uni).

    I am currently studying for a BSc in Physics with them, and the quality of the material is superb. In fact, the Open University is in the top 4 universities in the UK for results and quality of teaching, but doesn't appear in any league tables as it is classed as a 'part time' university).

    Anyway, that's enough of me extolling its virtues. With regards to your question - I'm not sure if there is anything similar in the US!
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    There are many classes at the UK's Open University which don't require any classroom or lab time at all -- you could complete them entirely via the internet, from anywhere in the world.

    - Warren
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    Hi Warren.

    Indeed there are many courses that only require coursework and no lab work, but I'm sure it says you can only study with the OU if you live in Europe. I may be wrong though!
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