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OpenOffice 2.0 Released

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    OpenOffice is a free office suite that includes:

    Writer: word processor
    Calc: spreadsheet
    Impress: presentation
    Draw: vector drawing
    Math: math typesetting
    Base: database

    One of the key features of this release is the use OASIS Open Document Format.


    What this means is that 5, 10 or 20 years from now you'll still be able to read/write all your documents because the format is an open standard.
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    It is beautiful, atleast it looks way better than the previous version I had. I just installed in on windows. I'm gonna get it for windows later.
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    Yeah, I really like how I can position everything very neatly. The more compact the better. It also loads up much faster.
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    Cool, I have been using the beta for the past month or so and it is nice, I will dl this tonight, thanks for the update :smile:
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    It's the first time that I will install OpenOffice in my computer, although I also have Microsoft Office. I will see if it will be more advantageous.
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    A good advantage in write is the built in PDF support. Usually you have to download a PDF driver for ms word.
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    Nowadays, I'm exclusively using StarOffice/OpenOffice for all of my productivity needs that LaTeX isn't suited for. 'Impress' and 'Calc' are excellent substitutes for Powerpoint and Excel, as I haven't had a need for Microsoft Office in over a year. Most documents I compose in StarOffice/OpenOffice are immediately exported to PDF, which is the format I prefer to distribute my documents in for maximum readability by other people.
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