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Opera boss swings at Firefox's Sugar Daddies

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    What do you guys think about this article?
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    RMS says this!
    Gosling says that!
    Gates says this!
    Opera says that!

    One thing to understand is,
    "People use what they want to"
    Joe : I like opera, i use opera.
    Mary : Hey whats that icon with fox curled up?? hey thats internet explorer!
    Bob : Internet?

    All rants aside, Opera does blow firefox away as long as usability and features are concerned. Whats the big plus of firefox? Its open source, as long as it has support base, we can be sure, no one will even think of monopolising the market. So what us smart customers need to do? Use both firefox and opera, so that you know , that you have atleast one to fallback on if the other turns evil!

    -- AI
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    Well, Opera has an annoying advertisement bar, which Firefox has not.... so it I guess it is quite obvious why Firefox is preferred over Opera.
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