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Opera browser

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    I'd like an opinion on the browser, Opera. I happen to like it, but I'm wondering how good it actually is in your opinions? If Firefox has any significant advantages? I have dial up, so I don't have much bandwidth.
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    Opera is much quicker than Firefox on dial-up connections, so I recommend keeping it. Firefox does have extensions which you can download to customize your browser, but because you have dial-up, they might take quite a while to download. I have used Opera for quite a while now and it has not failed to impress me.
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    Rumor has it that Google is trying to buy Opera
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    I've been using Opera since just about the beginning and I still use it, almost exclusively, because it does almost everything I need and it is the fastest browser out there. I also like Firefox because it does have a plug-in structure that provides some capabilities Opera does not easily accommodate.

    Opera appears to be the only browser that adheres strictly to html standards and that is, in a sense, its only flaw since a few websites opt to design their pages strictly for MSIE which does not adhere to the standards. On those rare occasions when Opera chokes on a website it's easy to fire up MSIE or (preferably) Firefox.

    In any case, why don't you just go ahead and use Opera since it is free! Not only that, it is still under very active development and version 9 should be coming out fairly soon. It's almost guaranteed to be around for a good long time if Google does pick it up.
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    Opera is a great browser, and I would use it if it were not for its silly scroll button behavior. Firefox is a great browser too. I personally like Opera's speed and its mouse gestures over Firefox. But I like some of Firefox's extensions, and Firefox can be customized to the max, unlike Opera.

    Either way, just DO NOT use IE and you should be fine.
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    If Google buys Opera it's market share will increase substantially. It would make things very interesting, i hope they do.
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    Their market share of what?
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    Opera's share in the browser market will increase i mean (it will become more popular).
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    I doubt it will happen. Google already employs the lead developer of Firefox.
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    Yes, that's true; however, Google might want to add more pressure on Microsoft by adding another player in the browser field other than IE.
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    I'm still sticked with IE6, it has tab now once you install MSNSearch engine.
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    Like living life on the edge do you... Only thing I ever use IE is for my exchange http email interface, cause for best functionality it needs activex working..
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