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Opera Now Free

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    Now there are two reasons not to use IE.
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    Wow, that is pretty cool. I used Opera and nothing else for about a month and it is a great browser. The speed of it is absolutely amazing, and the mouse gestures are better than firefox's will ever be imo.

    I would use Opera still, but I absolutely cannot stand the middle mouse scoll behavior. Why does my mouse need to go to the center everytime I press the button? Also, you can't hold the middle mouse button down and scroll up/down/left/right and then let go of the button to stop.

    edit.. quote from slashdot: " I hope that Microsoft will decide also to give Internet Explorer for free. My desktop is full of banners and popup windows." :rofl:
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    I stopped using Opera and moved to Mozilla because I couldn't use the "Search" function in physicsforums (see at the top, between "New Posts" and "Quick Links") properly with Opera.

    Does anyone have the same problem, or is it fixed now in the new opera?
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    I doubt it would be fixed. Personally it is a problem with the site if anything imo. I believe Opera is much more standards compliant than firefox/mozilla is and therefore some sites may look a bit funky (for example, yahoo mail).
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    I use opera, and have no problems with it.
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    Ahh I may see what you mean now. Is this the problem you are having: The google/text ads block out the search field.
    This is what you mean right? (Screenshot)
    http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/3596/operaprob8ky.png [Broken]

    Solution: Block out the ads.

    Check out this site: http://nontroppo.org/wiki/BlockAdvertisements
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    I've never had a problem with search using Opera. BTW - you can thank me for free Opera! I paid for the first retail release and for every upgrade since then! But it was worth subsidizing! :)
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    not including the others?
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