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Operate FeynArts

  1. Apr 13, 2013 #1

    I try to operate FeynArts, I installed by

    << FeynArts`

    Then I typed

    $ tops := CreateTopologies[1, 1 -> 2, ExcludeTopologies -> Internal];

    $ InsertFields[tops, V[2] -> {F[4, {3}], -F[4, {3}]}, Model ->{SM}];

    Here it gave an error

    InsertFields::syntax: The syntax of InsertFields is InsertFields[tops, in -> out, options].

    Any help to solve this,

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    Hmm, it worked for me. Its possible its not installed properly.

    Make sure that you're not getting an error when you load it. I have both feynarts and Feyncalc installed so I load it like this:

    $LoadFeynArts = True;
    $LoadPhi = True;
    << HighEnergyPhysics`FeynCalc`;
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