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Homework Help: Operational Definition

  1. Oct 11, 2005 #1
    Does a person have to be present for an image to exsit? (use operational definition of an image)
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    for this question I said that, an object need to be present for an image to exsit since an image is the reflection of an object in a mirror or any other shiney surface (its something visual and not physical)
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    You can generate an image using computer graphics.

    Then, if you want, you can reflect that screen image of a mirror.
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    You said "use operational definition of an image".

    Okay, what definition of "image" are you using. Fermat just gave a response that was, I think using a very different definition of "image" than the one you intend. Also, by the way, what is the difference between a "person" and an "object"?
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