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Operations Reaserch Network

  1. Dec 2, 2008 #1
    Please help me to solve this problem. This was a question given in our end semester examination.

    The management of a certain garment factory is considering the construction of a new washing plant building. The project consists of 7 major activities. The information pertaining to the project is given below.

    Activity [/INDENT]Immediate Predecessor

    A ---- 2
    B ----- 6
    C - 4
    D A 3
    E C 5
    F A 4
    G B,D,E 2

    i) Draw the network diagram.
    ii)Find the critical path.
    iii) What is the expected time required to complete the project.
    iv) Variances of the time duration for each activity of the project are given below. Find the probability that the project will be completed on or before 10 weeks.

    Activity variances
    A 0.25
    B 0.11
    C 0.25
    D 0.25
    E 0.25
    F 0.11
    G 0.11

    I did the whole question in the paper. But I'm not very sure about the Network diagram. Time of the critical path was 11. and that is the answer for iii.

    Then for the third part I got 0.36 as the probability. As I'm new to this forum I don't know how to get the symbols to write my answer here. Please can anybody do this question here? then I can compare with my answer.
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