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Operator theory

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    let be:

    [tex] f( \hat H ) | \Psi > =0 [/tex] where [tex] | \Psi > [/tex] is an 'Eigenvalue'

    of the operator 'T' my question is if in this case the number

    [tex] \hat T | \Psi > =E_{n} | \Psi > [/tex] satisfy [tex] f( E_{n}) =0 [/tex]

    so the energies are precisely the roots of f(x).
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    matt grime

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    |x> usually means an element in a Hilbert space, doesn't it, Jose? Why is that an 'Eigenvalue'. What is f. What is H? What is H-hat? What is T hat?
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    I believe H is the Hamiltonian and T is the Kinetic Energy operators.

    You may have better luck posting this in the Quantum Physics section.
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