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Operators in quantum mechanics

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    I'm a newcomer here... so I introduce myself:
    I've just completed my BS in physics and joining M.Sc... I've interested to take specialisation in Quantum mechanics and will continue in theoretical physics in the future...

    I'm facing problems understanding the algebra of operators... basically realting the functional spaces... can anyone please suggest me the finest and the easiyest book on "Linear operators in quantum mechanics"..
    I'll be greatful....
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    I'd definitely take a look at:

    Reed M., Simon B. Methods of modern mathematical physics, v.1-4
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    It's a fair bit dated, but I quited enjoyed Von Neumann's book.
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    Yes I would agree that von Neumann's book is a quite good mathematical introduction.
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    a good understanding of complex analysis and probability will also help in your QM studies
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