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Opinion about STONY Brook String Theory

  1. Oct 7, 2013 #1
    Hi guys,

    I am ready to apply for PhD and one of my targets is STONY Brook (actually the only one in the USA since it wont require me to take any tests).


    a) Undergrad at Lancaster University, BSc Theo. Physics
    b) Master's degree in Theo. Physics UAM/IFT in Madrid under scholarship.

    I am a final year master's student working on Holographic Renormalization for non-conformal branes (my thesis) and taking courses like d=2 conformal field theory, string theory, standard model 2 (anomalies, 2 loop processes, neutrinos), quantum field theory 3 (non-pertub. stuff), etc.

    I have had courses in AdS/CFT, Holographic Renorm. etc in the Gauge/Gravity duality workshop in Korea this summer, I was provided full funding to attend a similar workshop in Cambridge a while ago, I ll go to the String Winter School at CERN and other stuff. Also, I will take a course in Black Hole information, fast scrumblers and firewalls


    How good school is STONY Brook in general? String-wise and its reputation in the theo physics community as well. The Yang Institute for Theo. Physics? I know there work guys like M. Douglas. Job perpectives? I also might have an offer from UBC in Vancouver String Group, and thinking for Durham, Oxford, Amsterdam (impossible people say) and maybe Edinbourgh.

    Although I am doing gauge/gravity duality now, I am interested in all aspects of string theory.

    Please opinions!!! Or any other proposals! Thanks a lot guys!
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