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News Opinion about Zapatero

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    Last year there was a thread about Zapatero, after he was elected to replace Aznar. Some stated falsely that Zapatero (after a few weeks of governing!) was responsible for destroying the goodeconomic work of Aznar and a new surge in unemployment rates. The opposite is true; since then the figures have steadily improved and now they are at a " All time low level". Although still high compared to other EU countries, this is the lowest unemployment level ever registered in Spain.

    So what is the opinion about Mr. Zapatero now? It t seems that the socialists in Europe are doing well (Blair, Zapatero) while the rightwingers do someting wrong (Chirac...)

    www.euroresidentes.com/Blogs/2005/[/URL] 06/unemployment-in-spain-reaches-all-time.htm
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    I don't think that this general statement is true ; after all, Blair (officially "labour") is much more "rightwing" than Chirac (officially a conservative). And Schroeder (officially left wing) is not in such a good position either: everybody thinks that Angela I-don-t-know (right wing) will win the elections there.
    Chirac is over, I think: an old man with no ideas left, who clings onto his presidential seat (although the animal can sometimes surprise!).
    That Blair is doing well tells more about the incapacity of the opposition to have a credible candidate than about Blair himself, I'd say. I guess the British are faced with the choice of bad or worse, a bit like the americans a year ago :-) It has to be admitted that Blair is one hell of a political animal.
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    You may have noted that my post was a bit provocative. As you will have remarked during discussions here, the US right wingers label and condemn everything more moderate than what fits in their neocon views as "ultra leftist, liberal, socialist or communist". A nice demonstration of their confusion and contradictions (some even place social values, socialism and communism on one line) is the fact that Blair is labour. He belongs to the dirty words they so despise. Yet the UK is also often cited as an economic example with low uneployment.
    The other sting is on the fact that someone here, apparently p**** off because Zapatero did not bow for US arrogance, thought it a good idea to condemn this "communist" for bringing high unemployment rates, while after a year we can confidentially say that the opposite is true. Capitalist democracy with a social face can work. In the face of nitwits that cannot make disctinction between this and communism!
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    OK Mercater, I feel bad that this is still bothering you and since you seem to be a nice person I’ll fess up. :blushing:

    My post (back then) was correct as stated, but it was entirely deceptive. Me bad! :devil:

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    Yes, I was recently treated as "far left wing" poster, while most of my environment considers me rather a bit too much to the right because I can say good things about the free market too :bugeye:
    I think a left or right stamp doesn't really apply to me, I'm quite centrist, and I don't feel any a priori compulsion to adhere to any specific economic ideology such as the free market or public service. Certain things work well with a free market (say, dishwashers, cars), other things work well by public service (say, fundamental research), and some things work equally well or bad under both (utilities like electricity), and it is up to us to find the system that gives us the most satisfactory RESULT for each case, independent on what economic principle it works.

    I have the impression that these people, placed in Europe, would vote for the brownshirt parties here, but then, the profile is not _exactly_ the same.
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    Butterflies in the air, flowers blossoming, there is still hope for humanity!
    I think we should do a bigger effort to see the humor in some posts, in particular when they come "from the other side".
    But off course in this case I was just stubborn :devil:
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