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News Opinions of the New Kennedy Assasination book?

  1. Dec 29, 2005 #1
    THe book co-authored by Tom Hartman.

    It uses declassified documents and 17 years of investigation to uncover the true assailants

    Basically, the Mob killed Kennedy and used knowledge of an extremely top secret plan to kill Castro in 63 to ensure a government cover up because any good investigation would have uncovered the plan.

    The mob had gotten this info because they had people on the inside of the CIA who had gotten into this program because they had folks in the CIA since the 50's when Nixon had used them as part of his plans to kill Castro.

    Kind of makes me feel better about the government (just a little)
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    Sounds like fodder for S&D.
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    I have always felt that this was one POSSIBILITY. Do not come to conclusions based on some publishers way of taking gullable people's money.
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    it is 900 pages with about 200 of them as footnotes and documents from the FoIA. the Kennedy plan was revealed in the late 90's.

    I think this makes the most plausable and likly case.

    The fact that the coverup followed the Kennedy plan for stopping any investigation of a possible Castro made assassination adds to teh credibility.

    Also, there were 3 attempts on Kennedy's life.. the first was in Chicago, and the SS canceled the motorcade, the second was in Tampa bay, but Kennedy made the SS let the motorcade continue because the speech was very important, and the attempt failed... the last was Dallas. All three cities were controlled by Mob Bosses who were under heavy attack from Bobby.

    Besides that, It is more likly on the Occam's Razor test.
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    You have 1 possibility, go read up on others. Its obviously going to sound like the one you read about just has to be correct one because the author is unlikely to point out scenarios contrary to his own book. Theres books with big page numbers out and official this and that that points to the CIA getting revenge for the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    Occam's razor also tells us nothing because the simplest explanation is the "official" story.
  7. Jan 2, 2006 #6
    The classifyed documents isn't available for the public until 2013 anyway so all we can do is wait
  8. Jan 2, 2006 #7
    The official story, if you forgot, relies on the MAGIC BULET, the bullet that defies PHYSICS, among other features which defy PHYSICS such as the back and to the left motion of Kennedy's head which indicates a point of origin other than the book depository.

    so, no, the official story is not the simplest by a long long long long stretch.

    And I would also like to point out that all those other scenarios require one to believe that the government is full of evil men bent on evil acts.

    I am positive that the CIA would not assassinate a president, those folks are some of the most patriotic bunch there are in this country. The most I could believe them capable is that they would have set it up for him to get impeached, but not murder.
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    FOYA suits in the 90's opened up a lot of documents while clinton was president.
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    Could you be so kind as to review the physical laws broken by the "Magic Bullet?" Might as well throw in a summary of the momentum of the head and ALL impulses and forces applied during the event. Just so we'll all be up to speed on things.
  11. Jan 2, 2006 #10
    Kennedy's head went from standstill to back and to the left... that indicates a right frontal force. The back of his skull flew out onto the back of the car, also indicating a right frontal force.

    as for the magic bullet, Arlene Specter came u with this theory to fit the events for the warren commission. The bullet in this theory stopped for 1.5 seconds in mid air and then made a 90º turn and continued on.

    both of the tidbits I described above are the facts of the case as shown in the zepruder film of the assassination and in the Warren Commission report.
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    I think you need to take a much longer look at this case if you really want to waste the time. A bullet entering someone is not like someone getting hit by a 300 pound 4 feet high ball. If you watch enough videos of people getting shot, you'll notice that the way they fall or how they jerk is never really dependant on what direction the bullet came from. Many people have also done very detailed computer models only available recently thanks to the advancement of computer processing power that were able to show that infact, the idea of a "magic bullet" was incorrect.

    Your theory about the CIA is also incorrect. They lost a lot of people in Cuba and some people just won't settle for a trial...
  13. Jan 2, 2006 #12
    My point about the magic bullet is that IT IS part of the official story and thus, the official story IS NOT the most simple explanation.

    Also, when you get hit with a bullet, the junk flying out of you will move along the same vector as the force from the bullet. skull and grey matter spewed out on the back of the car and the HUGE exit wound proves that the shot could not have come from the book depository.
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    ... the official story is that Oswald did it. The magic bullet is the idea contradicting the official story. I don't think they went around saying "Yah Oswald did it with a magical bullet! Let's lock him up"....

    And unfortunately, you are absolutely wrong on the bullet. Sure it sounds like common sense!!... but ask forensic analists, ballistic experts, etc etc and they will pretty much tell you that its just not that simple. A lot of things in ballistics are very .... against common sense so to speak.
  15. Jan 2, 2006 #14
    1) The magic bullet is part of the warren commission report in order to explain all the nonsense conclusions needed to be made in order to implicate Oswald. it does not contradict the official story.

    2) Sure, you can have odd things happen when you are shot by a bullet such as the bullet flipping, or the bullet disintegrating due to its construction, or it ricocheting, but that is hardly ever the case with high powered rifles using high powered ammo which was used to kill Kennedy.

    most of the odd ballistic stuff comes from hand gun altercations where the shooter is flailing wildly and the control is off and you have low caliber and low power ammunition (like 9mm and .22 caliber ammo)

    Sniper rifles are highly controlled, highly accurate, and very predictable in the projectile's motion. When you take that and add power and caliber to it, you get a projectile that will pass through a skull like it was butter.
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    Five frames at 18.3 frames/s; Kennedy and John C. both obviously reacting at 228.

    I was kinda hoping for something a little more quantitative, or at least qualitatively exhaustive: along the lines of frames 260 - 312 showing Jacqueline pulling John to his left and back, and down; rough analysis of the limo's acceleration, or at least the angular pan rate judged from fixed pts. in the background from frame to frame, and its contribution to the movement of K's head relative to his body; trivial little things like that.
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