Medical Opinions on accutane?

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    I will start taking isotretinoin(accutane) this september. My dermatologist suggested this powerful and effective drug before trying any medication. However, as I explore the side effects of this drug, I am really worried about taking this drug.

    Has anyone ever taken this drug? How was your experience?
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    This doesn't make sense to me, isotretinoin is a medication so taking it "before trying any medication" is nonsensical.

    I don't think you will find answers here, we do not provide medical diagnosis on Physics Forums: on this basis it would be irresponsible for people to try and give you medical advice when they are not qualified and do not possess intimate knowledge of your medical circumstances. I would advise that you go and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.
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    oops I just want to hear other people's story. sorry
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    I meant isotretionin is more like a last resort because of it is surely effective but accompanies with side effects (as in relation to other drugs)
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    Here is a page with detailed information about the drug. Please read it over, and then make an appointment to talk it over with your doctor. Take a copy of the article with you to the appointment, to help you in the discussion.

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