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Homework Help: Opinions on determinism

  1. Oct 22, 2008 #1
    I am writing an essay on determinism, i was just wondering what peoples opinions on it are, my arguement is going to be that it is possible, but i would like to include other peoples opinions and reasons.

    Thanks Steph.
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  3. Oct 22, 2008 #2
    as opposed to what?

    is this about freewill?
  4. Oct 23, 2008 #3
    yeah, basically do you believe that our path in life is already chosen.
  5. Oct 23, 2008 #4
    if the world isnt deterministic then how could anyone ever be held responsible for anything?
  6. Oct 23, 2008 #5
    But at the same time something must help us make our desicsions, possibly the chemicals in our body and if thats the case, our chemicals dont change therefore our choices are already made.
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