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Physics Opinions on what career for physics students

  1. Nov 9, 2003 #1
    Hi Everyone,

    I feel that there are many students just like me in the physics forum who would like to have a good career. I also know that there are many experienced professionals in this forum. In this forum I invite the professionals are students to give their opinion about various career available know. My mutual aim is to select a good career from your opinion.

    All for god
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    I teach kids aged 13 to 18 in a very good Independent school. I love my job - it is such fun. Also, I have 18 weeks holiday a year (yes 18!) and have quality time with my daughter as she is growing up. That for me is priceless!

    I've also worked in a deprived inner city school - that was a nightmare at times, although the job satisfaction of seeing such deprived kids occasionally do so well made it worth it.

    Certainly worth considering.
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    dont tell me that everyone here is a student.

    If you are a student please tell us what are you studying now(i mean the course).
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    Master Medical Biochemistry, the course I am taking? Biomolecular Sciences. Career? Definately research related in this field. Not sure whether to go with an academic hospital, university or industry though..
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    Medicine. (If you don't mind being sleep deprived for the rest of your life.) You can make it what you will. If cost is an issue, do what I did, which was to pursue an MD PhD track, only because it pays for tuition.(This is only an issue in the US) (You get made fun of by the real phD students though. ) If you are a lab rat, you can easily pursue that field of study for the rest of your life. If you like clinical detective work and teaching, you can pursue clinical research. If you decide you hate research and grovelling for grants, you can dive right back into private practice. If you get sick of private practice, you can switch back into the research arena. There is alot of flexibility and it's great fun!
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    wow biochemistry, should be very interesting.Are there good career oppurtunities for it?

    Please forgive me if i have asked anything wrong.
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    true that medicine is a good field to study. you are never out of job.
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