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Optical band-pass filters (radome coatings)

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    I am reading about a new field that I am not familiar with at all, and I was hoping that someone could give me some info on that.

    The general idea is that if you have a conductive layer, with a periodic array of apertures perforated in it (such as crosses), you can design a band-pass optical filter that will have maximum transmittance for a given resonant wavelength, and minimum transmittance outside of the band.. This can be used for radars, to protect them from interfering radiations for example.

    I would like to be able to calculate the transmittance for such a filter with different input parameters (such as wavelength of incident electromagnetic radiation, maybe angle of incidence, thickness and conductivity of the layer, dimensions of the apertures and periodicity). From what I found, it looks like people use specialized softwares to solve these problems (such as COMSOL, Micro-Stripes), and methods such as FEM, FDTD, matrix method..

    I don't have any specialized software that I can use. I only have MATLAB. So I am looking for the easiest method to implement in MATLAB. I am quite comfortable with MATLAB, but I lack knowledge in this field to determine which method would work for me..

    If anyone has some ideas on this, I would appreciate any feedback.

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