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Homework Help: Optical brain

  1. May 21, 2007 #1
    Rays from the sun subtend an angle theta (in radians) at the pole of a convex mirror (in radians) at the pole of a mirror of focal length f. If the diameter of the sun is D ,then diameter of the image of the sun formed by the mirror is:

    (a) f theta
    (b) 2 f theta
    (c) 6 f theta
    (d) none of these

    Please tell what would be the case if the mirror is plane.
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    At the pole of mirror the angle subtended by the object and image will be the same, think....
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    But , No not always . For a concave mirrror the diameter of the image becomes 2 f theta.Hey friend, perhaps this information would help-'area of the image is pie x r square and is proportional to 2f.'
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