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Optical Lens Design

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    What considerations would a lens maker need to take into account when designing a lens?

    So on top of the chromatic aberrations, glass type and focal length, I have:

    Lens Thickness
    Resolving Power
    Radius of Curvature
    Shape(ie cylindrical, spherical, plane)
    Type(ie convex, concave, dichromatic, achromatic)
    Multi-layered lens
    Other types of aberrations.

    Is there any of these that are not required, or any that I've missed?

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    1) scattering of light by the lens surfaces
    2) bouncing around within the lens
    3) light coming in at oblique angles and hitting the tube holding the lens(es).

    #1 & #2 are influenced by the coatings.

    Also if the focal plan is flat or not flat,
    Where the lens is designed to be focused (infinity or closer)
    The wavelengths that are to be passed through.

    Probably more.
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    Just to add a twist on lenses; metamaterials can be used.

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