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Optical Model of Nuclear Reactions

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    i want some theoratical detail on optical model of nuclear reactions.. no hard mathematical detail. just theoratical explanation of things .........

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    google is your friend. If you have specific questions, i'm sure people here could help.
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    Theoretical yet not mathematical ? Do you even know yourself what you are looking for ? if you wanna get decent help, you need to be more specific.

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    No it is NOT. Don't use public internet sites to acquire scientific knowledge unless such sites are from universities etc etc. My point : be sure of the scientific relevance and validity of the resources you are using.

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    there are reliable sites on the internet and there are obviously unreliable sites, I have never found it difficult to figure out which sites that claim to explain physics are truly helpful and which are just some crazy posting his/her own theories. But i repeat, google is your friend! If you search for any physics related topic, most of the results you get will either be academic papers (probably too advanced for most people) and lecture notes from universities. (which in my opinion are pure gold much of the time)
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