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I got some optical mouse sensors (ADNS-2620) with lenses and I had a couple of questions that hopefully someone can answer.

1) If I was to use the sensor in a setting where there was plenty of ambient light, would it be possible to use the sensor and the lens with no LED (this assuming that the sensor is placed very close (~1 mm) to the surface that I want to image) and still have an image that can be used to track motion?

2) What exactly is the sensor going to pick up if I place it very close to the surface that i want imaged, but I use JUST the sensor by itself with NO lens or led and just rely on the ambient light? Is there anyway to get an image that can track motion?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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I haven't tried it but it might work.
The sensor is just a very low pixel count camera sensor (3x3 if I recall correctly) and built-in logic tracks the features of the surface it moves over. Be aware that the prism in the optical path has a lens built in to focus the mouse pad surface onto the camera sensor. This focusing is necessary.

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