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Optical phenomena ipad

  1. Mar 7, 2014 #1
    I played with my new, first ipad yesterday. I inverted sceen colors and activated the cam.
    How comes there is an image of me reflected in my eyes with NORMAL colors?
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    The screen view of yourself is inverted.
    The reflexion of your screen view in your eyes is captured by the camera, and it is also inverted.
    Therefore this image is yourself inverted twice, therefore with the same colors.
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    Everything the camera sees will get colour- inverted. So a double inversion is just what you'd expect. Having said that, though, I imagine what you saw made you wonder . . . . . . A nice experience when things like that turn up.
    You get a similar effect (but spatially) when you use two mirrors to view writing. It becomes laterally inverted twice i.e. back to normal.
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    Simple and nice. Thanks.
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