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Optical Photonic Devices: Ring Resonator

  1. Sep 15, 2014 #1
    Hi there,

    I have been researching an optical Ring Resonator and have been given the following values:
    FSR=100GHz, Q=10000, Wavelength (λ)=1.55um (micro), ng=3.7 and neff=2.3.
    Using these values I was asked to calculate the k value (coupling coefficient), length of ring, length of the coupling section and the ring radius.

    I have henceforth been able to calculate each of these values except the length of the coupling section. I have looked at many journal articles and have not been able to find this coupling sections. If anyone could help me as to how this coupling section can be calculated, it would be very much appreciated. If possible, could someone please verify that the values I calculated are also correct?

    The values i calculated are:
    Length of ring = 810.81um
    Ring Radius= 129.045um
    k values (coupling coefficient) = 0.485

    Thank you in advance
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