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Optical Pumping (Zeeman Effect)

  1. Sep 24, 2014 #1
    I am a bit confused about optical pumping-style experiments, and why increasing the strength of the magnetic field increases the amount of optical pumping --> increases the transmission of light through rubidium

    So basically we have Rubidium with energy levels like this:

    My understanding is, an external magnetic field will cause the final splittings on the right (into m_F levels), and as we increase the magnetic field from 0 the gap between the m_F levels gets broader [until we pass the weak field limit and get the quadratic Zeeman effect instead].

    Can someone help me understand why increasing this gap increases the amount of pumping/rubidium polarization we get? Based on the theory of how/why it work, it just seems like, 'as long as there is a gap, we will get optical pumping'. Why does an applied field cause so much more light transmission than just the Earth's magnetic field?
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