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Optical sensor on/off

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    Hi all I would like some ideas and pointers on how you think that I could drive my electromagnet to turn on/off with some form of optical sensor. I’m using a 12V 3.6A battery. I’m not too knowledgeable in the optical sensor arena. So if you have any ideas on how I could drive this inductive load give me your thoughts, thanks.
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    What do you want the optical sensor to sense? A break in the beam would toggle power to the electromagnet?
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    yes, sorry for not making that clear.
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    You might want to consider a photointerrupter. And some basic digital logic to control a digital mosfet.
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    I'v looked into them, I did not know of any others that may be easer.
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    I have just one more question. Do you need the optical sensor as a safety device such that power to the magnet is cut off when the beam is cut or to mimic the behavior of a switch?
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    I need it to mimic the behavior of the switch. I like the idea of a relay but relays have limited life's and don't last for as much repetitions as I need.
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    Then find a solid state photoelectric switch. Granger has them, but they are expensive.

    Google "phototriac coupler".
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