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Optical Spectrum Analyzers

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    My department is considering to purchase an Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA). I had run a search on GlobalSpec, but I am really getting confused over the hundreds of spectrum analyzers available. I am looking for a diffraction-grating based analyzer that covers a broad range of wavelengths. Does anyone here has experience in this field and make some suggestions on the suitable parameters I should be looking for in an OSA?

    Thanks in advance,
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    What range of wavelengths do you want? Other important features would be resolution and computer interface + software.

    Here are 2 models:
    http://www.newport.com/Spectroscopy-Instruments/1033/642094/product.aspx [Broken]

    Also, it's very useful to have 1 or 2 calibration lamps to calibrate the wavelength scale:
    http://www.newport.com/Oriel-Pencil-Style-Calibration-Lamps/377846/1033/catalog.aspx [Broken]
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    Hi Redbelly98!

    Thanks for replying. The links you gave me were spectrometers. What I am a looking for is a spectrum analyzer. Spectrum analyzers have a much higher resolution. I am looking for one in the short-wavelength limit. But so far I have found only those in the higher wavelength range.
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    Here is a search on photonics.com that might be of help. Like you say, there are lots of choices.
    http://photonics.com/photonicsFind.aspx?searchString=spectrum%20analyzer&searchIndex=0" [Broken]
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