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Optical tweezers

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    I am currently working on project for trapping RBC's using optical tweezers but i think i am making a mistake in preparing the sample. Can anyone provide an appropriate sample preparing method ?
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    I did a Google search on optical tweezers for trapping red blood cells, and got lots of good hits. This was the first article on the list:


    Maybe try doing that search, to see if you find what you need. :smile:
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    Andy Resnick

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    Does your trap work on microspheres? Do you have a dilute suspension of RBCs?
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    yes sir i do have worked on microspheres and i do have diluted blood with 1/2ml PBS, 1/2ml distilled DI water and a drop of blood. also the RBCs are not flipping .
    i have tried changing the power supplied
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    okay sir thank you.
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