Optics functions in life

  1. Hi,
    could you please introduce me anythings thats related to optics items function in life?
    books,magazins,movies anything...
    even good pictures for understanding...(I mean for example you tell me type this ''''' in google and find those pictures for example)
    if no books or ect, but you have information yourself and you'r sure about your knowledge tell me those things that you know...
    I want wonderful things about it,intersting functions o even a meaningful exmple for better understanding.
    thank you :smile:
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  3. Well.. There are so many. i'm not sure I'm getting what you want here but you can look for some basic examples/applications of optics like kaleidoscope, telescope, microscope.. Etc...

    There are also some interesting experiments like the double-slit experiment.

    Studying about the true nature of light is also interesting.
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    Could you be a little more specific with that kind of information you want? If you want a broad overview on Optics, just go to wikipedia, type in Optics, and browse to your hearts content.
  5. I bet this is for some school project. :)
  6. yes of course...

    very good and usefull thanks alot
    I want 2 things
    first functions but not the ordinary...
    and if not some high and rare things about the optics lessons....
    s.th that most of the people doesnt know about it
    no my dear friend I'm in the third course of university !!!
    and searching for a good subject to search for
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  8. I'm asking you...
    I dont want the high school subjects and lessons or even simple lessons of university,I want a subject wich is somehow complex and isnot known by everybody.
    to tell you simply I want a subject which is intresting by everybody because they havent seen it before and doesnt have information about it.
    I wish that I could tell you what I mean.
    I'm really sorry because my english is not very good!
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