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Homework Help: Optics Labs

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I have had to do 6 labs for physics class, and i am now trying to write them up, but am a little confused. The first lab i did was to verify the equation v=f?. I yoused a generator to make a straight wave, and then put in a barrier to make a standing wave. I have to calculate the frequency, but don't know what formula i should be using.
    the information my group took down was that there for 12 bright stripes, the distance was 24.2cm. and the frequency was 10Hz
    but i just dont know what equation to use from there
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    Go to the text and first understand nodes and anti-nodes in the standing waves. What is the distance between two consecutive nodes and anti-nodes? what is the relation between wave speed and frequency?
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