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Optics question.

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    I was wondering about the following question.
    Let's say I have a certain image. Given ones' galsses parameters, is it possible to alter the image in such a way that he will see it "correctly" without the need of glasses?
    If so, is that a rather complicated task or a simple one?

    Thanks in advanced.
    Details would be appreciated.

    Cheers :)
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    I'm not sure how one could optically distort a distant image to appear "sharp and distinct" to someone who is near-sighted without their glasses or pin-hole viewing.
    Good question though.
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    Is this question too hard or do I have to be more patient? :)
    Anyone can tell me where else I can seek for an answer?

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    Vanadium 50

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    Too hard? No, but probably too poorly defined. As pointed out, you can't correct a blurry image. If someone had a distorted view, perhaps because of a weak astigmatism, it might be possible. It depends on what's wrong with their vision.
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    Than let me rephrase.
    For which of the common eye problems would it be possible to distort an image in such a way that the person having the eye problem would be able to see the image "correctly"?

    I don't know much physics and don't know a whole lot about common eye problems.
    Thats why i'd love to see detailed answers :)

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    No you cannot make an image which will look correct when out of focus.
    You can make an optical system which distorts the object by making parallel rays converge so that someone who cannot normally focus them is able to form an image - but thats what glasses do.
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    The easiest way to "distort the image" so that you see it properly is to use a lens between your eye and the object. The lens produces an image of the object that the defective eye will see properly. This is how eyeglasses work.
    For most defects (nearsightedness, farsightedness) it's not really a distortion but just a "translation". For astigmatism you can probably say that the lens "distorts" the image.
    You can use more sophisticated methods I guess but as Vanadium 50 remarked, your question is very poorly formulated. It gives the impression that you don't have a specific question in mind but just something vague. (and still expecting a specific answer....)

    One example of novel and fancy device to "distort" the image (actually, to modulate the phase) is a sort of active LCD device developed by a group in Edinburgh. It is used to control laser tweezers.

    Note: Sorry, I did not see the previous message. It showed up when I was still writing.
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