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Homework Help: Optics - Ray Diagram

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    I need some help with the 2 lens inverted ray diagram. Like i need someone to describe to me what it looks like or could show me an example of 1. thxn
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    Could you explain further, perhaps with a drawing, of what you mean by 2 lens inverted ray diagram?
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    uhmm well u have 2 biconvex lens like say 24 cm apart and then if you look through it everything is upside down but i dont know how to draw the ray diagram for it
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    Ah, the standard telescope. How do you think it is any different from any other situation? Instead of one lens to do the ray tracing for, you would encounter another lens. You know about the whole focus/parallel, parallel/focus bit, right?

    This lab manual may be of help to you.
    http://www-hep.colorado.edu/~stevew/O5-revised.pdf [Broken]
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    oo this helps me quite a bit thnx. but im still stuck with the inverted question. It states the telescope diagram which i needed to but not inverted diagram
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    Do the ray diagram for the first lens.
    Then use this intermediate image as your object for the second lens.
    You need to look at the position of this lens, and work out what the rays do with different distances etc
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