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Homework Help: Optics Terms Help

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    Can you please help me find which terms match these definitions:

    1. Reflection from a smooth surface in which the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

    2. Imaginary line perpendicular to the surface and serves as a reference line for angular measurement.

    3. Straight (imaginary) lines drawn in the direction the light wave is traveling indicating direction of energy flow; infinite narrow beam of light.

    4. The scattering or return of a light beam from the boundary of a non-absorbing medium in the direction from which it came.

    5. Angle between incident ray (beam) and line drawn perpendicular to the surface.

    6. Apparition, phantasm, ghostly specter of an object as it appears from behind (in a mirror) a mirror, i.e., an image whose rays appear to emanate from a point without actually doing so

    7. Angle between reflected ray or beam and the line drawn perpendicular to the surface.

    8. Imaginary line extending from the geometric center of a spherical mirror through the center of curvature.

    9. Visual impression of an object produced by reflection or refraction, i.e., the optical counterpoint formed by the mirror or lens; any reproduction of an object produced by means of focusing light, sound, electron radiation or other emanations coming from the object or reflected by the object.

    10. Ratio of height of image to height of object.

    11. Image that is really there (wherever they may be {same side as object for mirror, opposite side of object for lens}).

    12. Distance from a point of convergence of infinitely distant light rays to the geometric center of a mirror or lens.

    13. Lens that is thick in the center and thin at the edges.

    14. Optical device usually made of glass, plastic, or living material that refracts light with two curved surfaces.

    15. Any device that scatters light back in the direction from which it came.

    16. Electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths capable of causing the sensation of vision ranging approximately from 400 to 770 nanometers.

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