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Optimal System Control ( I need help)

  1. Jun 14, 2010 #1
    Hello every one,
    I am studying Optimal control this summer and I am having some problem. The doctor is teach us using a very old book called optimal system control, and he just give us a copy of each chapter. Anyway this not the problem. The problem is I find this book is sophisticated and the examples are not that much clear. They job a lot of steps which some times make me lost. If some one have the book and know a better book that can help please let me know.
    One more thing, if any one have taken this subject before can you tell me what is the singular solution problem where x is a two vector?
    Can some one tell me how to drive the optimum u vector which is in page 18 ?
    I really need some help here guys and I appreciate any help.
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