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Optimisation of Long Range Aircraft, help?

  1. Nov 14, 2012 #1
    Im currently working on a MEng and have been given the task of writing the optimisation program to optimise wing geometry with regards to minimal fuel burn. However, i am at a loss as to how everthing works and was hoping someone could take me through it step by step.
    Things you might want to know, questions:

    -We have two other people working on the CFD and parameterisation of the wing model
    -Im looking at using different values of Re, Ma, α(angle of attack) so we can get an optimal geometry that isnt based on one specifc flight profile.
    -Im minimising CD as an aim to minimise fuel burn
    -Constraint: CL must allow flight
    -The geometry variables we can call x1, x2, x3 for now as i understand that bit
    -Im using metamodelling to create hypersurfaces
    -What are my DESIGN VARIABLES?
    -What is the process? I just dont understand it

    My limited understanding of the process:

    1) Latin Hypercube sampling defines a number of sets of x1,x2 & x3
    2) Run CFD for one set of geometry at numerous flight conditions, record the data
    3) Deform Mesh to different geometry set and run 2) again
    4) Metamodelling creates multidimensional hypersurfaces, what are they?
    5) Optimise to achieve optimal geomoetry for minimal CD

    I know this is a lot to go through but im getting really stressed and just need some sort of extra guidance as the philosphy at Uni seems to be DIY or fail... not fantastic options. Id appreciate any help you can give.

    Cheers guys,
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