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Homework Help: Optimization modeling

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    a landscape architect plans to enclose a 3000 square foot rectangular region in a botanical garden. She will use shrubs costing $25 per foot along three sides and fencing costing $10 per foot along the fourth side. Find the minimum total cost.

    I started off this problem by finding the lenght of the sides:
    Then i determined that the total cost would be the cost of the lenght + cost of the width.

    I am totally lost on this problem....
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    Just break it down using the information you have:

    [tex]Cost = 25(2L+W) + 10W[/tex]


    [tex]W = \frac {3000}{L}[/tex]

    Then minimize the cost in the usual way.
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    hey thanx for your help tide, u just allowed me to take a deeeeeep breath, whewwww. oh btw, how do u write with those mathematical fonts?
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    If you click on one of the equations a popup will show how that specific equation was created but it also has a link to a file you can download showing all the codes you need to enter to make just about any kind of equation you want!
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