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Homework Help: Optimization of kite

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    I have a kite pictured below...i need to determine x y z so that the kite has a maximum area. a and b are fixed constants.

    The way im thinking of trying this is to have this equation
    from this i have three variables so i should solve for y in terms of x and solve for z in terms of x this will give me one equation one unknown so i can differentiate and set it equal to zero. therefore solving.

    Would this be a correct approach for this problem...(sorry about the poor drawing, its difficult on a touchpad)

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    I think you mean xy + zx = area

    A and B are fixed constants. You need to make two more equations relating A to x and y, and B to x and z.
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    so for those other 2 eqs would it be A^2=x^2+Y^2
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