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Optimizing a Current-Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA)

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    I'm working on a project for a research grant, and the humble beginning of this idea is to create a solid CFOA. I have the fundamental design down (basically modeled after something I found in IEEE journals), but a professor of mine has made a few comments that the circuit can be better optimized by "adding a few resistors". I'm not sure where exactly to add anything. What is the general idea behind a CFOA? I would specifically like to inquire about what limits the slew rate, and what could be done to alter the slew rate?

    Essentially, what I have in the screenshot is two BJT Cascode current mirrors, the CFOA itself, the power supplies, and the feedback network making a basic non-inverting op-amp with a midband gain of 6dB.

    Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated. This is not in any way a homework problem.

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