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Optimum balance between inbreeding and outbreeding

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    Is there a statistically identifiable "happy medium" between inbreeding (incestuous mating, say) and outbreeding (interspecies mating, say)? Nazis seemed to promote inbreeding, whereas sodomists might seek outbreeding. The happy medium, for instance, might be mating one's third cousin twice removed.
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    I don't think there is a happy medium. The further away from a direct relative the better (as long as you stay within your species).

    Women of mixed race are especially hot
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    I'll third that sentiment.
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    Yes. The happy medium is to mate with humans of the opposite sex, that are not biologically related to you.
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    Well, there goes my superintelligent, hermaphriditic, yak-man hybrid project.

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    I am dating one, so I fourth that!! :smile:
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    Very funny.
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    hey me and powder puff are very happy together i cant stand you and your comments. "Oh you cant have offspring" "that is just wrong to do to a hamster" I am sick
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