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Options for Advanced Learners?

  1. Aug 31, 2012 #1
    What would be the best option for a computer science graduate to have a degree in computer engineering?
    I've been looking for such a program that allows CS graduates to peruse a degree in engineering by studying only the core engineering courses they did not take in their first degree. However after inquiring about this program it does not seems any university is interested in making it available. This means I will have to apply as a high-school student with no consideration to any experience or courses I've taken, except for a quite few subjects that I may get accredited for, but it does not look like it's happening since they have a time-limit on how long it has been since I've taken such courses. This is ridiculous that universities still think in stone age no advanced learner programs offered, very strict for the benefit of profit making and for the sake of international student reserved seats.

    I'm still hoping that I could find a university in north america that makes sense of their offers.
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