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Options for Future?

  1. Feb 9, 2007 #1
    Hello, I am a third year physics student (at UBC in canada) and I am wondering what are my options for the future. My second year average was something like 52% (I was mildly depressed at the time) and have boosted my grades over the year to just under 80%. I am looking to start getting some work experience but my transcripts right now are horrible. I want to get some honest advice/opinions on my options both for this summer as well as after I graduate. I also expect to keep my grades between B+ and A- (which I believe seems to be about the minimum to enter grad school). My goal is to get into grad school and one of my profs at school said they bombed the first two years and ended up getting a phd. It seems that this summer, no companies or research positions will be given out to someone with (on paper) a horrible GPA. Any advice?

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    you canadiens and your weird grading scales
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    52% is horrible. like it's as bad as you can do without being kicked out of the school. looking back 8 months, i just don't understand how i did that poorly
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