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Optocoupler chip

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    hi... i need some understanding of optocoupler chip after doing so much of research.
    currently am doing buck converter circuit to observe the switching performance of IGBT..
    i test my circuit with (PWM chip > High Side driver > power circuit). when i power on the whole circuit.. i can't measure anything at my buck converter output, and my high side driver is sorted..

    for i understand the about the optocoupler chip, is to isolation the voltage.. so i assume the i should place the optocoupler chip between my high side driver and power circuit and is a must to

    my question is:
    • where do i place my optocoupler?? between the power circuit and High side driver or PWM chip and High side driver???
    • for the optocoupler chip, it is can transfer the signal from low signal to high signal???
    Hope to hear from you soon!!1
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    The buck topology DC-DC converter is a non-isolated converter. It uses just an inductor and not a transformer, so there is no need or place for an optocoupler. Can you show us the schematic of what you are trying to do?
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