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Orang & dog mystery

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    This delightful video shows an orangutan playing with a dog, not to mention an elephant.


    I know very little about animal behavior, so maybe someone knows? As far as I’ve read, orangs are solitary animals. In the wild, even males & females keep apart for most of the time. So how does this animal know how to play? Or why does it play, & with a different species, even?

    Would it be from some orang sub-species that normally lives in groups? A Hollywood animal actor? Could raising in captivity so modify behavior? Any ideas? BP
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    I couldn't get it to load, which is a shame. I really wanted to see it.
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    Found it on Youtube

    I can see where it may be the way Surya was raised. Like other orang's in captivity, it has learned to accept other species. I think its adorable, always great to have a BFF.
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    thanks; obviously raising in an unnatural enviro had its effects. But did you have any ideas about where such sociability/play potentials came from in a species noted for solitary ways? Pack/group immature animals play, to learn life skills. Maybe orangs play with mom? But the immense ground-level fun Bonobzo seemed to be having impressed me. What's the survival pay-off? Maybe he'll get miserable & curmugeonly with middle-age?
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    this source (Groos) was sent to me & seems to have a large part of the answer.

    http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog...v-play-is-nature-s-way-teaching-us-new-skills http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog...v-play-is-nature-s-way-teaching-us-new-skills

    If you want to pursue the genetics trail in an adventurous safari, try Perry Marshall.


    You might find a connect between DNA/instincts & play/behavior - how they might interact. Good luck, OGT
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