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Orb Over Florida?

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Here is one hitting the net.


    I have no idea if this is really interesting or not. I'm sure that plenty of opinions can be found at this point.
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    I think its an anomoly in the system. Google uses Keyhole and i have Keyhole and i just checked it out and i got this...

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v81/Veto1024/keyhole.jpg [Broken]
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    At first glance it seems like a weather balloon or an out-of-focused spherical object (or perhaps just a regular hot-air balloon), but I am not too familiar with lens aberrations, so my knowledge here is limited. Other suggestions on that page said that it could have been water droplets on the lens (taken from high-altitude aircraft). I've seen the satellite images from google and they usually don't have too great of a resolution (perhaps the military ones but not the civilian ones), so it might be an aircraft.

    Here is another spherical object/aberration: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=34.134822,-117.603793&spn=0.0,0.0&t=k&hl=enp

    Edit: For the aircraft hypothesis, here is the camera that the USGS usually uses:

    http://www.kam-az.com/cameras.htm [Broken]

    And here is the other equipment:

    Number of Tiles 139
    Sq Miles 1,442
    Scale 1:30000
    Flight Date January - March 2003
    Datum NAD 83
    Projection UTM 11
    Units Meters
    Pixel Size 0.65 Meter
    Format Geotiff
    Rectification Method Orthorectify using Ground Control Points
    DEM 30-meter DEMS (Level 1, Level 2)
    Contol Image USGS DOQs
    Camera Type Zeiss Top 15
    Focal Length 153 mm
    Film Type 9″ Color Roll Film
    Scanning 21 Microns
    Sampling Method Cubic Convolution
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    There satellite images by Keyhole Corp. from what I know. I definitely think its an error in the system.
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    Read the replies on the link Ivan gave. There are a number of them to be seen. Try panning directly north or west and you'll find more.
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    i think there just system imaging errors. Zoom in and you see like "2005, Google" next to the orbs. Theres an orb to the west that is covering up some wavy form of "Google"
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    This looks to me exactly like the pressure wave you see coming from dropped bombs in WWII footage. For that reason, I suspect it is a weather anomoly: some kind of pocket of hot or cool air, caused by who knows what, that is behaving like a scattering lens, preventing the light from the ground from reaching the camera. Either that, or it is a very large jellyfish.
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    no no no it has to be a system error. Look at the "google" and "2005, google" letterings that are coming up when you zoom into the orbs.
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    Ivan posted in that thread appended to the picture.
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