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Orbital models

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    I've lost my Chemistry text :eek: and was wondering if anyone knew of any links that showed representations of what orbits may look like? In our halls I've seen wood models of 1p, 2p... but the text had MANY more and I can't remember the name even.
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    Thanks Gokul. Maybe now I can actually learn them and what their designations are.

    Edit: Of course, if I knew what I was doing, I would have asked this in the chemistry forum. (pounds head on desk) I love/hate chemistry!
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    Too bad you (probably) don't know the maths.Else,i'm sure you would have found a method to draw them by hand,or using a comp.software.I've had a seminar in QM on pure & hybrid orbitals following the treatment in Cohen-Tannoudji,Diu & Laloƫ.It was interesting,making those plots.

    You lost the book,shame about the money,it looks like your butt will meet the library's chairs :wink:

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    When did you learn the math for the orbitron dex?
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    There's not too much math.Calculus and that's it.And knowing how to plot a function in polar coordinates.

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    But *when* :wink:

    (sorry for these consistent questions)
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    Not to much to worry on. It was a Chem1 text and I'm just trying to get situated for Chem2. Chem1 was a few years ago and I've forgotten most of it. I'll need to re-learn almost everything.
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