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Orbital shape

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    im having a little trouble trying to picture an atom in my head with accurate electron cloud designee and shape can someone give me some pictures or a site that might help.
    every picture i ever see of an atom is with the electron orbital in curricular shapes but i know there is a wide eray of different orbital shapes.
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    thank you that is actualy a good site. but im also having troubles getting to imagine how it moves through these orbital and back to the ground state and then back to the other orbitals
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    Well, s - 1 lobe, p - 2 lobes, d - 4 lobes and so on.

    It's really highly analogous to a standing wave (on a string or whatever) only in three dimensions.

    Molecular orbitals, in turn, can be visualized as combinations of atomic ones.
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    ok but is there maybe i computer generated video i could watch of an electron going from a ground state to an excited state with complicated orbitals such as an excited oxygen atom
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