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Orbital velocity?

  1. Sep 6, 2006 #1
    What is the magnitude of the orbital velocity of the planet Mercury (orbit radius =5.79 * 10^{7} {km}, orbital period = 88.0 days)?

    Ive been trying to solve this using this equation v=(2pi(57.9*10^9m))/(7.6*10^3)s
    but it is not coming out right...the numbers in the equation are the units in meters and seconds because that must be the form of the answer. I also have to solve for accelereation and have used this equation
    this has also not worked out and its the only equations that could even fit the problem from this particular section in the book. please help!
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    The period is correct in the acceleration equation, but not in the velocity equation.

    The acceleration is given by the velocity squared divided by the radius.
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