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Orbiting a charged planet.

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    If I am orbiting a charged planet that is like being in free-fall around the planet.
    So would I see a B field in my frame? Is me orbiting the planet the same as me floating in space and have the planet rotate.
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    You would see a magnetic field. If you are charged as well, it would give an additional force downwards/upwards (depending on the charges).
    If the charge is distributed on the surface (or the whole volume), a rotating planet would give a magnetic field, too - it would look different, but its shape really depends on the system where the field is calculated.
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    What if I was orbiting inside a spherical shell with charge on it, would I see a B field then?
    The E field would be zero inside the charged shell.
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    as would the magnetic field...assuming the charge is uniformly distributed....
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    B field inside a spinning charged sphere is constant and positive
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