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Orbiting earth at near c

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    If you were on a rocket ship that orbited earth at near c, what would it be like? At 1000km high, orbiting 40 times per second, you'd have a velocity of .84c.

    What would, for instance, a radio broadcast emitted from all points of the earth simultaneously (with respect to the Earth) sound like? What if you had a video camera that recorded, at 40 frames per second, someone walking down the street or car driving (on earth) 100km/hr. Would all this be going in seemingly fast forward?

    If you sent a signal to Earth each one of your seconds, would it be received slower than once per second?

    Input appreciated.
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    Time on Earth would appear to be running at twice speed for you. Alternatively you would be moving at half speed to an observer on Earth.
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    Blows my mind.

    How about contraction? Would the Earth appear contracted along the axis of my rotation, and therefore be elliptical in shape (taller than it is wide)?
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    For a discussionm of some effects during inertial motion:

    Rotational acceleration would likely complicate things a bit....
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